Our Mission

The primary objective of ZACOMS is to advance professional competence-based specialist training for medical doctors beyond traditional university-based specialist training in order to increase equitable access to cost-effective quality specialist care as close to the family as possible for the people in Zambia.


Zambia Colleges of Medicine and Surgery has a collaborative approach to competence-based specialist training offering many contributions to successful medical careers and improved health care service delivery.


Zambia Colleges of Medicine and Surgery (ZACOMS) advances professional training of medical specialists using the professional competence-based certification models beyond traditional university-based specialist training. It promotes specialist training as a vital pursuit for a successful professional medical career. The Society also promotes the increase of universal health coverage (UHC) by promoting equitable access to cost-effective quality specialist care as close to the family as possible for people in Zambia at all levels of socioeconomic status and geographical location.  Individual affiliation is by admission to ZACOMS as a member or fellow by way of certification of competence as a specialist in a medical and/or surgical specialty in any of the various specializations of medicine and surgery.

ZACOMS also promotes the pursuit of excellence in medical careers and recognition of outstanding achievements of its membership and fellowship through election to award or distinguished achievement.  The ZACOMS, as a knowledge society of medical professionals, recognises that a knowledge society depends for its growth on the production of new knowledge, its transmission through education and training, its dissemination through information and communication technologies, and its use through new industrial processes or services.  Specialist training serves three main roles:

  • Certification of professional competence as a specialist.
  • Creation of Specialty Communities of Practice.
  • Establishing a platform for continuous professional development of specialists.

The provision of high quality specialist care also promotes the quality of service delivery which underpins ZACOMS pursuits for improved universal health coverage.